Samsung’s sound floor-standers

Samsung Q9000Resembling a large hi-fi speaker, Samsung’s floor-standing Q9000 air conditioner distributes air in spirals to deliver optimised cooling and heating without the sounds.

The new model employs aerodynamically-shaped blades inspired by an aircraft’s jet engine. Embedded inside the three circular front-facing fans are designed to create a whirlwind airflow effect.  All three fans are individually controlled and can be used together or singly.

Employing an inverter-controlled compressor,  further energy savings are also possible by controlling the individual fans through seven different airflow modes.

The unit also incorporates an electrostatic filter and Samsung’s Virus Doctor air purifying technology. Virus Doctor is said to neutralise 99% of harmful contaminants and viruses, including bacteria that resist physical filtration, turning them into harmless water vapor.

The Virus Doctor has received various accolades internationally, including a 2010 AHR Expo Innovation Award in the indoor air-quality category.

Describing the latest technology and design innovations, David McSherry, Samsung UK & Ireland’s general manager air conditioning, said:  “We set out to create a model that combines premium design with quality air conditioning technologies that meets our customer’s desires, the Q9000 does exactly that.”

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