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Systemair adds R32 chillers and heat pumps

SWEDEN: SysAqua R32 is a new range of chillers and heat pumps from Systemair based on R32, the lower GWP refrigerant alternative to R410A.

The range is available in 10 sizes from 50 to 170 kW, and comes with a number of customisation options and accessories for a wide range of applications.

The use of R32 combined with a new generation of outdoor heat exchangers enables these units to achieve a refrigerant charge reduction of 40%.

The SysAqua R32 units are also said to achieve excellent SEER and SCOP seasonal efficiencies and reaching A+ and A++ energy efficiency classes.

The units are equipped with a brand-new controller and a user-friendly external control panel that displays the operating parameters and alarms and is optimised for EC fans control and electronic expansion valve management.

A variable speed pump that automatically adjusts its speed according to the required capacity is also available. Compared to a fixed-speed pump, and depending on the operating profile of a pump working at partial load, Systemic says the annual energy consumption of the pump can be reduced by up to 70%.


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