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Tewis compact CO2 transcritical booster system

SPAIN: Tewis has introduced the Mini NS 21, a compact transcritical booster CO2 refrigeration system for cooling and deep-freezing.

Available in capacities from 25kW to 44kW, the Mini NS21 can have up to two MT compressors and one LT compressor. An inverter for the MT compressor, and optionally for the LT compressor, ensures that operation is adapted to current requirements, thus saving energy. 

The system also has a storage tank for the oil separator, a liquid container with a capacity of 48 litres, which contains an internal evaporator sensor for connection to the back-up unit, and two electronic sensors that monitor the refrigerant level. The system comes fully wired and equipped with electronic controls. 

It has a footprint of just 1000mm wide x 836mm deep, while allowing easy access to all components, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Tewis Smart Systems

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