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Thermocold offers R454B option

ITALY: Thermocold is the latest manufacturer to add the lower GWP refrigerant R454B as an option on its air-water scroll chillers. 

The complete range of AWA R410A air-water chillers and heat pumps up to 620kW from the Italian manufacturer is now also available with R454B, the blend refrigerant with a GWP of 466. The additions expands the range to more than 70 models.

The AWA line is available in two efficiency levels and boasts excellent SEER values with the new refrigerant. This is aided by the use of EC fans which, in addition to significantly reducing energy consumption, also minimises noise.

Thermocold’s integrated I-Pro advanced controller allows full compatibility with its Multi-Manager system, and allows the modular coupling of up to 6 units in cascade. 


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