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Trane adds VFD options to Airfinity rooftops

BELGIUM: Trane has added variable frequency drive options to its Airfinity range of rooftop air-to-air heat pumps. 

The new units, using Trane’s Adaptive Frequency Drive variable speed compressors, are available in capacities from 20 to 65kW, for small to medium size commercial or industrial buildings.

The VFD technology enables the units to deliver improved part load efficiency, with SEER up to 5.57kW/kW and SCOP up to 3.38 kW/kW. All models are said to exceed Ecodesign Directive Tier 2 (2021) requirements.

To further increase sustainability of the buildings’ operations, Trane Airfinity rooftops come with additional energy-saving features like adaptive airflow with variable speed fans, free cooling and heat recovery. Compatibility with Trane Tracer Concierge building management system allows facility managers to manage multiple rooftops remotely using a tablet or a smartphone, adapting the comfort levels to actual building needs.


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