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Trane launches small chillers on R1234ze

BELGIUM: Trane is launching three new chillers and heat pumps using the HFO refrigerant R1234ze for small commercial buildings, industrial facilities and industrial processes.

The compact City range, with capacities from 180-385kW, uses an inverter driven screw compressor to make it 38% more efficient at part load than the 2021 Ecodesign requirements. 

They are designed with near zero GWP refrigerant, R1234ze and use renewable energy, geothermal sourced water and waste water to deliver heating capacity up to 80ºC. 

The Trane City Comfort is a chiller for office buildings, hospitality, district cooling and heating and data centers, and can be used in small industrial processes such as food and beverage and small agricultural production such as wineries.

Trane City Process is a process chiller variant that provides process cooling for food and beverage, warehouses, cold storage and ice rinks, and can freeze down to -12ºC. 

Finally, the Trane City Booster is a water-to-water heat pump that delivers hot water at temperatures of between 50ºC and 80ºC. It is designed for applications like high temperature heating, sanitary hot water supplies, district heating and heat recovery cascades. Trane City Booster sources energy from waste water or geothermal systems at 5ºC to 30ºC.


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