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TripleAqua makes Chillventa return

CZECH REPUBLIC: The second generation of the award-winning TripleAqua three-pipe CO2 hydronic air-to-water heat pump system is to be launched at next week’s Chillventa in Nürnberg by Czech manufacturer Sinop.

TripleAqua, which was introduced in some pilots previously, combines mutual heating and/or cooling demands, including hot sanitary water for medium and large residential and commercial buildings, both for new built as well as for refurbishment projects. 

As only three small water distribution pipes are used, with much higher ΔT up to 20K, considerable savings in installation time and material are said to be achieved. The range extends from 45kW up to almost 500kW.

The hydronic system claims to be an alternative for F-gas three-pipe VRF systems and the proposed line-up of highest water temperature series will provide a refurbishment solution for traditional fossil systems.

The patented TripleAqua technology avoids the use of reversing valves, and all operation modes can be operated and changed in any combination, smoothly, without interruption, even during a defrost. 

Heat exchangers remain in the optimised counter-current status, giving high SCOP and TER values. 

Founded in 1994, Sinop is an independent, privately owned HVACR manufacturer and a leading producer of beer cooling systems based on natural refrigerant. The company’s CO2 experience dates from 2010 with a variety of booster, cascade, parallel, ejector and customised systems for supermarket, chiller, marine, off-shore and industrial applications up to 900kW. 

Both indoor and outdoor equipment will be on display at Chillventa in Hall 6, stands 126 and 224. 


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