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ULT freezer on hydrocarbon refrigerant

JAPAN: A Japanese medical equipment company has developed a -85℃ ultra-low temperature freezer operating on hydrocarbon refrigerants.

The Biomedica Division of Tokyo-based PHC Holdings Corporation (formerly Panasonic Healthcare Holdings) has introduced two freezer units of 84 litres and 180 litres for drug discovery and life science research.

The new freezers are said to achieve energy savings of up to 41%, compared to previous models and have a reduced refrigerant charge due to the use of a new high-output compressor.

Additionally, by expanding the controllable temperature range from -85°C to -60°C to -85°C to -40°C, it is now possible to freeze a wider range of samples, such as biopharmaceuticals, it is said. 

The manufacturer has indicated that the refrigerant is a hydrocarbon blend but has not indicated what the components are.

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