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VRF flexibility in a small package

UK: LG’s latest Multi V S Heat Recovery, brings VRF flexibility to small to medium-sized spaces.

This compact and lightweight model offers simultaneous heating and cooling as well as the production of domestic hot water with, it is claimed, considerable installation flexibility and efficiencies.

This front discharge, Multi V S Heat Recovery model is said to fill the gap between multi split systems and large VRF systems. Its relatively small size and light weight (118kg) makes it suitable for location in restricted spaces.

The new VRF system boasts EERs of 3.9 in cooling operation and a 4.39 COP in heating. An ESEER of 8.05 and COP of 9.57 are claimed in nominal operating conditions.

The Multi V S Heat Recovery includes LG’s own fifth generation inverter compressor operating between 10-165Hz, increasing partial efficiencies, extending capacity, and increasing reliability.

Using dual sensing control, the system reacts to load requirements by monitoring both temperature and humidity levels. Using Smart Load Control (SLC), the system operating conditions are regulated in reaction to both latent and sensible heat loads rather than a traditional sensible load only, increasing energy efficiency by up to 31% compared to non-SLC models.

A typical VRF system operation would fluctuate considerably in order to maintain the required room conditions, normally operating on a thermostat on, thermostat off cycle. The dual sensing control offers each user a selectable comfort cooling option, which maintains supply air temperatures around the desired room set point, reducing on/off cycling, eliminating draughts and delivering maximum user comfort.

The Multi V S Heat Recovery has impressive piping flexibility with a 150m longest pipe length and 50m elevation between outdoor and indoor units.

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