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Water-cooled chiller heat pumps on R454B

ITALY: Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its range of Climaveneta brand NX2-W-G0 water-cooling chillers and heat pumps for interior installation with the A2L refrigerant R454B. 

The chillers are said to achieve a SEER of up to 7.37 and the NX2-W-G06-H heat pumps a SCOP LT of up to 7.13. 

Available in 14 outputs from 45 to 242 kW and equipped with twin tandem hermetic scroll compressors, they are said to be suitable for comfort, process or IT cooling applications.

The NX2-W-G06 [-H] units are are said to have a vast operating range with the condenser leaving water temperature up to 60°C, the evaporator leaving water temperature from -10°C up to 25°C and the ∆T up to 12K.

R454B is an A2L lower flammability refrigerant, a blend of R32 and R1234yf with a GWP of 466.

Due to the refrigerant’s flammability, the safety measures of the chillers and heat pumps have also been completely revised in accordance with the current risk assessment guidelines. A refrigerant leak detector is included which automatically interrupts the power supply in the event of a leak. It also incorporates an MCCB main switch, electrical cabinet insulated from the compressor compartment, the ventilation of the housing was improved and safety valves are included as standard.

This means that all manufacturer safety requirements in accordance with DIN EN 378 for installation in technical rooms are met and even exceeded.

The units are equipped with embedded LAN logic for simplified cascading, allowing up to eight chillers to be cascaded in a group using a master control. Cascading also offers the advantage that the quantities of refrigerant in the individual chillers are kept low. 

An extensive range of accessories ensures that the devices can be adapted to the respective object and its individual requirements, for example in process or IT cooling applications. For example, options are available for noise reduction, condensing pressure control or for expanding the application limits for these areas of application.

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