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York Amichi offers improved performance

USA: With capacities of 45kW up to 260kW, the new York Amichi series of chillers and heat pumps employ inverter-controlled scroll technology for greater performance.

Aimed at the growing demand in the mid-capacity chiller/heat pump segment, the Amichi is said to maintain efficiency in a variety of conditions, (down to -17.8ºC ambient cooling, -15ºC ambient heating) without kits or add-ons.

Employing EC fans, U-shaped condenser coils and electronic expansion valves, it offers two sound levels to meet occupant requirements.

Described as a perfect solution for retrofits, its compact size and small footprint permits forklift loading for easy installation.

The series comes as standard with integrated Smart equipment technology that allows the equipment to connect seamlessly to building control systems. It is described as a true plug-and-play experience, with no need for programming or commissioning tools. For added flexibility it comes standard with BACnet, Modbus or N2 communication protocols to communicate with any BMS. In addition, an Optiview LT 7in colour touchscreen is fitted on the unit frame, with the additional option of a remote indoor controller accessory.

“The Amichi offers high levels of efficiency and performance and the smallest footprint across the widest capacity range in the market,” said Nick Duggan, Johnson Controls – Europe director HVAC and chilled water systems, building solutions and technology. “It will provide an excellent fit as a solution for new builds and retrofits in manufacturing and commercial facilities.”

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