Toshiba training videos from CDL

CDL’s online Toshiba training videos, available here, offer an introduction to Toshiba’s leak detection system and a complete guide to setting up Toshiba’s RBC-AMT32, AMS41 and AMS51 remote controller.


Video showing the training courses available from Cool Designs Ltd. These include both practical hands-on courses at one of CDL’s training centres and theory courses


Leak detection

An introduction to Toshiba Air Conditioning Leak Detection


Toshiba Air Conditioning remote RBC-AMT32, AMS41 and AMS51 instruction videos

The standard Toshiba remote controller can control an individual indoor unit or a group of eight indoor units. The remote control allows the operating parameters to be set for the indoor unit. It also allows faults to be displayed and unit configurations to be set up. The following 23 videos explain the set-up and operating procedures

 Set multiple indoors from one SHRMi flow box



Set indoor unit type



Set indoor unit capacity



Set outdoor system number



Set indoor system number



Set indoor unit group status



Return indoor addressing to factory settings



Set the minimum selectable temperature in cooling mode.



Set the maximum temperature selectable in heating mode.


Enable auto restart


Set return air sensor location


Air flow correction for high ceilings


Disable Heating Option


Setting the Time & Day


Setting on & off scheduled times


Copy Schedule from one day to other days


Setting scheduled operations with mode & temperature functionality


How to enable auto restart


How to set the indoor model type


How to set the network address


How to set the outdoor system number


How to set the group master/slave


Setting up multiple indoors from one FS box

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