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£33k of recovery units for London college

College of NW London department head Vito Martino (far left) with technology technician lecturer Abdul Petkar (2nd from left) with air conditioning and refrigeration students

UK: Advanced Engineering is supporting air conditioning and refrigeration students at the College of NW London with £33,000 of refrigeration recovery equipment.

Until now, students had been training on ageing equipment, which was costing the college approximately £3,000 a year in service and maintenance costs alone.

The trainees now have 25 new Promax units to work on – 15 Promax MiniMax and 10 Promax RG6-E refrigerant recovery machines.

“These new machines will allow our students and apprentices to gain experience working with some of the industry’s most important technology,” said the college’s department head Vito Martino. “And that will pay dividends for them, as well as their future employers. We are delighted to have Advanced Engineering’s support for our refrigeration and air conditioning learners and look forward to our ongoing partnership.”

In addition to the units, Hampshire-based Advanced Engineering has included a three-year service support package.

Advanced Engineering’s Luke Levans (left) presents the Promax units to the college’s department head Vito Martino

“We know how important it is to have the right equipment when you’re in training, so we’re donating these brand-new units to help the students learn in the best way possible, on the most up-to-date equipment,” commented Advanced Engineering sales manager Luke Levans.

“Our partners at the college have been doing fantastic work with these young people, so we’re doing our bit, as they usher through the next wave of air conditioning and refrigeration experts.”

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