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Adande supports Aircell tests at new facility

UK: Commercial refrigeration manufacturer Adande is supporting a new test facility in Bristol to accelerate the development of its Aircell air distribution system for refrigerated cabinets.

ECH Engineering has been established by Dr Ed Hammond as a test facility for any company seeking refrigeration research and development services and is already benefitting from a “six-figure” investment from Adande.

Adande will be using the laboratory to accelerate the development of its Aircell technology which is said to be able to deliver stable and accurate temperatures, as well as significant energy savings, when applied to open-front refrigerated multi deck displays.

The plant has been custom designed by ECH Engineering’s principal, Dr Ed Hammond, and Adande’s md, Ian Wood, to provide a state-of-the-art research, testing and development laboratory, with a minimal carbon footprint. Staffed by three PhDs, the facility is adopting a scientific and technical approach to the testing and development of refrigerated display equipment to BS EN ISO 23953.

The 160m2 laboratory provides the capacity for the testing and development of four refrigerated cabinets. A planned second phase of the project will see floor space doubled, creating the capacity for additional cabinets.

“We have been closely involved in the evolution of Aircell and the establishment of the test facility will allow us to dedicate additional resources to its ongoing development,” commented Dr Hammond.

Adande chairman, Nigel Bell, said that Aircell had attracted considerable interest from major multiple retailers and equipment manufacturers. “This new facility will help us accelerate the delivery of Aircell technology to the marketplace,” he added.

Unlike conventional cabinets, Aircell divides the merchandising envelope into separate cells between shelves. The smaller cells have a shorter air column and independent management of air movement. The net result is said to be less pressure on the air curtain of each cell and a substantial reduction in cold air spillage from the case. The performance of the Aircell system is also said to be further enhanced by the elimination of back panel flow, promoting temperature stability and product loading flexibility.

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