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ADCAS guide to ductwork cleaning

ADCAS-GuideUK: ADCAS has produced a guide to ductwork cleaning as an aid to system designers, ductwork contractors and cleaning contractors.

Ductwork Cleaning Requirements and Access Doors has been produced to explain the similarities and differences between two key documents published last year and the relevant standards.

The latest DW/144 Second Edition (Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork Low Medium and high pressure/velocity air systems) and TR/19 (Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems), both published last year by B&ES, need to be read in conjunction with BS EN 15780 (Ventilation for Buildings – Ductwork – Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems).

The latest guide from ADCAS is designed to provide practical recommendations for the system designers, ductwork contractors and cleaning contractors to help them work with all three publications.

“The importance of regularly cleaning ductwork ventilation systems is well established,” says ADCAS. “This can be cleaning of ductwork as part of a building maintenance programme or of new ductwork systems prior to handover. The cleanliness of ductwork, both existing and new; location of access doors; and the cleaning and maintenance of ventilation systems are all closely linked.”

The new guide can be read and downloaded here.

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