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Assessing the cost of supermarket refrigeration choices

UK: A tool enabling retailers to assess the total cost of ownership of a refrigeration system will be the subject of a forthcoming webinar hosted by refrigerant supplier Climalife.  

The decision-making support tool enables decision makers in large and medium-sized retail stores to confidently compare different design possibilities, taking into account numerous CAPEX-OPEX parameters (eg electricity prices, refrigerant prices, carbon tax, ROI, reliability, leakage rate).

Choosing a refrigeration system means taking into account several criteria: climatic zone, architecture, depreciation, maintenance, regulatory constraints, expected reliability of the system, and an acceptable level of risk. 

The organisers maintain that decisions cannot solely be made on a cost of refrigerant basis or its GWP, as these have a minor impact on the total cost of ownership and operation of the system. An approach solely based on the choice of refrigerant does not minimise CO2 emissions either, they argue.  

The webinar is organised by Climalife, in collaboration with refrigerant manufacturer, Honeywell, and leak detection and energy management company, Matelex, developer of the 3-step web solution, which has been validated by the independent institute, Cemafroid.

The webinar is being held on Tuesday 22 June from 09.00 to 10.00 (BST). Registration is free here.

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