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BSI secures euro influence post Brexit

UK: The British Standards Institute has secured full membership of the European standards organisations, irrespective of the UK’s Brexit negotiations.

The general assemblies of the European Standards Organisations CEN and CENELEC approved a plan that secures full membership for the British Standards Institute (BSI) post-Brexit.

The BSI says the decisions, taken separately by both organisations, will enable UK industry and other stakeholders to continue their important work shaping and maintaining best practice standards used across Europe and internationally. They also mean that UK experts will continue as chairs, convenors, committee members and policy experts to work on maintaining and developing the 20,000 European standards that are managed by CEN and CENELEC.

BSI says that these decisions provide stability for the European standards system while meeting the needs of its stakeholders. It ensures the continued influence of BSI members in the development and maintenance of European standards post Brexit.

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