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Capital Cooling leaves Edinburgh

UK: Edinburgh-based commercial refrigeration company Capital Cooling is to restructure its business, moving its hq to Livingston and its warehouse and logistical capabilities to Northamptonshire.

The company has operated from Broxburn just outside of Edinburgh since 1996. The new operational hub is a 26,000ft2 new-build facility just off the A14 at the new Cransley Park development in Kettering. The facility benefits from its 12m height which enables the company to stock an increased volume of products. In addition to the warehousing, the facility will include a showroom and office space. 

“While Capital Cooling will always have roots in Scotland it was clear to see that the operational side of the business was simply in the wrong part of the country,” commented Capital Cooling CEO Steve Steadman. “More than 80% of our deliveries take place south of the border and by shipping all goods to Edinburgh to then return them back down south for delivery was not only poor for efficiency but also for our environmental impact.” 

This move also allows the business to exit the existing head office with the team moving to a much more modern and sustainable facility just three miles away within the industrial hub of Livingston. 

“The goal of this plan was to secure the long term future of the business and ensure job security for all members of the team. We have succeeded in doing so and we will continue to have our finance, sales, marketing, warranty and customer service departments all operating from our new Livingston office while anyone effected by the relocation has been offered an alternative position,” Steadman added.

This is just the first stage in a new and exciting chapter for Capital Cooling points out Steadman, “We will be launching new ranges of innovative products for the retail, hospitality and foodservice sectors in the coming weeks and months while the KubePlus and KubeUltimate coldroom ranges will also be growing. Furthermore, our team have been using the COVID-19 enforced lockdown to develop and introduce new CRM and service management systems which will improve communication channels and operational visibility for all of our customers.” 

In order to facilitate the business’ relocation from Broxburn to Kettering, the business will now trade from a new corporate entity. However, the business will continue to operate as usual.

The relocation will be staged over a number of weeks but Capital Cooling insists there will be no disruption to its services.

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