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Carlsberg death inquest set for June

UK: The wife of David Chandler, the refrigeration engineer who died after an ammonia leak at the Carlsberg brewery in 2016, is hoping the forthcoming inquest will finally provide “vital” answers regarding his death.

The inquest into David’s death is due to start at Northampton Coroner’s Court on June 19.

David Chandler was helping to remove a dormant compressor unit from the plant’s refrigeration system when a disconnected valve blew, engulfing the room in ammonia. He was pronounced dead just under two hours after the leak. A total of 22 people, including 11 factory staff, two police officers, and nine firefighters were also taken to hospital following the incident.

His widow, Laura, has now joined her legal team at solicitor’s Irwin Mitchell in speaking ahead of tomorrow’s worldwide Workers’ Memorial Day. 

In a statement, Irwin Mitchell solicitors said: “Whilst it is only correct that a thorough investigation to establish all the facts about what happened on the day David died needed to take place, not knowing the full picture has caused a great deal of anguish for Laura and her family as they attempted to try and come to terms with David’s death.”

“The family rightly have a number of serious concerns about what happened on the day in question and if anything could have been done to prevent the incident. Setting a date for the inquest is a major step forward in their wish to find out the vital information they want,” commented Irwin Mitchell partner Hilary Wetherell.

“If the inquest identifies any failings in health and safety measures at the site, it is vital that lessons are learned and improvements made so other families don’t have to suffer the heartbreak that David’s family have experienced following his death,” she added

With the inquest now in sight, Laura Chandler said: “The only comfort I can now take is that after more than a year we will get to find out more about the events of the day and the circumstances surrounding David’s death. I know the inquest will be a distressing time but hopefully it will mean that at least we can try and move on with life the best we can.”

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