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Climate Center stocks R32 in all branches

Climate-CenterUK: Keen to support the introduction of new air conditioners using R32, wholesaler Climate Center is now stocking the lower GWP R410A alternative across all branches.

Gauges, manifolds, leak detectors and recovery equipment for use with the new “mildly flammable” refrigerant have been available for a while; Climate Center has now acted to ensure that R32 refrigerant is readily available for customers in all of its 45 branches nationwide.

Robert Franklin, national development director at Climate Center, said: “Climate Center is committed to distributing lower GWP refrigerants, however new legislation has inevitably conjured up concern across the industry in terms of how it will affect businesses. We have been working extensively to ensure that it has minimal impact on our customers by making sure they are up to date with F-gas regulations and have the resources to comply. Ensuring that the leading alternative to R410A is readily available, is a fundamental part of this.”

Climate Center’s investment coincides with manufacturers Daikin and Toshiba launching their new R32 air conditioning ranges.

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