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Cool Synergy acquires BR Environmental

fp_03UK: Rugby-based recycler Cool Synergy is to transfer all its recycling operations to Leicester following the acquisition of fellow recycler BR Environmental Services.

The new company named BR eSynergy Ltd will be based at the 75,000ft² government-approved facility where it will operate the UK’s only dedicated processing line for hydrocarbon containing refrigeration equipment alongside recycling lines for CFCs and television/monitors as well as processing lines for non-hazardous WEEE.

The hydrocarbon refrigeration equipment line is designed to meet the criteria specified by BATRRT (Best Available Treatment Recycling and Recovery Technique) when dealing with flammable insulating foam, most notably cyclopentane-blown PUR foam.

The system is made intrinsically safe by the introduction of gaseous nitrogen at the cutting faces, the atmosphere inside the shredding chamber being monitored to maintain hydrocarbon content below 25% of LEL.

Describing it as “an exciting development for the company,” Cool Synergy director Gordon Mason said “The company is confident that this acquisition is a landmark development in the treatment of modern refrigeration equipment, securing continued compliance for our clients well into the future.”

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