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Daikin, Mitsi and Airedale are top companies

12246748_sUK: Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Airedale are perceived to be the top companies according to a survey of salesmen working within the UK air conditioning market.

The findings were revealed by recruitment company Thornhvac in a survey of the current state of the UK market.

Improvements in the economy and the requirement to replace R22 equipment has brought confidence to the market but 81% of respondents said price was still the most important factor amongst customers. Not surprising, then, that remaining competitive on price was one of the most frequently mentioned challenges, along with increasing competition from those offering what were considered to be sub-standard products at cheaper prices.

Energy efficiency was the second most important customer consideration, although more than half of respondents (52%) felt energy efficiency was only important to certain clients. Brand name was the next most important factor to a sale, followed by technical support and product availability. Reliability was also felt to be an important factor.

Daikin, Mitsubishi and Airedale were perceived to be the best companies to work for. The same three were also perceived to offer the best products and services. Toshiba was also highly regarded.

According to the surveys respondents, the top factors that make an air conditioning company good to work for are:

Service and technical support

Best products

Strong brand

Best Management

Product availability

Financial stability

Financial rewards

Competitive pricing

Flexible working

Copies of the Thornhvac survey can be downloaded here.

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