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Daikin’s VRV IV W makes the ETL list

VRV-lVUK: Daikin’s latest VRV product, the VRV IV W now qualifies for the UK government’s ECA scheme.

The Carbon Trust, which runs the ECA scheme on behalf of the UK Government, recently increased efficiency thresholds for air conditioning systems to ensure only the top 20% most efficient  products were eligible and this now includes Daikin UK’s VRV IV W for geothermal or more conventional water cooled applications.

The VRV IV W, water-cooled range is perfect solution for applications where the allowable refrigerant piping of air-cooled systems is too short or where there is little space to site outdoor units.

The ECA scheme allows 100% of the equipment cost to be written off against taxable profits in the year of purchase. ECA can be claimed on the cost of qualifying equipment, transportation as well as direct installation cost.

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