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Dearman refrigeration technology is top tip

UK/NETHERLANDS: Dearman’s liquid-nitrogen-powered transport refrigeration units will be offered for lease to leading fleet operators by Dutch trailer firm TIP.

Following successful trials in the Netherlands and Italy with a top multi-brand foods company, TIP will deploy Dearman’s technology alongside their regular fleet of refrigerated trailers. 

The Dearman technology replaces diesel-powered secondary engines used to power transport refrigeration units, and has the potential to cut CO2 emissions by up to 95%.

According to TIP vice president Benelux Rogier Laan, the company’s customers are frequently seeking answers to issues such as sustainability and the type of trailers to be used. “We therefore keep a close eye on technical developments within our industry and we test these developments regularly, including this revolutionary solution from Dearman,” he said.

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