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EDF assists move to heat pumps

UK: Energy provider EDF has announced two new innovative projects to support customers transitioning to heat pumps. 

Both projects are supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) under its Heat Pump Ready Programme. The programme forms part of BEIS’s £1bn Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP), which aims to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative clean energy technologies and processes over the next two decades.

The first project – Neighbourhood Heat Pump – is being delivered by a consortium led by EDF, including Kensa Utilities, Devon County Council, Enzen, Urbanomy, Sheffield University and UCL, as part of Stream 1 of Heat Pump Ready.

It will offer customers the opportunity to share a ground source heat pump loop with their neighbours, allowing customers to reduce the cost of installing heat pumps, reduce carbon and improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The initial trial will take place in the Teignmouth area in South Devon.

Customers will also benefit from the new One-stop Heat Pump app, which, as part of Stream 2 of Heat Pump Ready, will allow them to easily choose the right heat pump for their property.

The app will determine eligibility, carry out a remote survey and analysis, detailed design, quotation and installation plan to be confirmed by a final personal visit.

It will also provide post-installation aftercare by providing performance data and receiving customer feedback, allowing engineers to tweak the settings if required.

EDF will be supported in this by consortium partners including Daikin, Scottish Power Energy Networks, RES Distribution and the University of Sheffield.

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