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F J Bartram (1921-2014)

F J Bartram Beehive CoilsUK: It is with sadness we learn of the passing of Frederick J Bartram, founder and chairman of Beehive Coils.

Since starting the company back in 1968, Mr Bartram was vital part of the company, continuing to work right up until the end – even at the age of 93.

Mr. Bartram had a vast wealth of knowledge in the air conditioning industry having spent many years learning the trade back in the 40’s and adding to his knowledge base ever since before starting up Beehive in the 1960’s.

Grandson Mark Bartram said: “Back in those days, he and a handful of workers, including his late wife Olive, used to design and then manufacture chiller and air conditioning coils by hand, working countless late nights and early mornings – drilling holes in aluminium fins/plates individually before assembling the finished product and supplying to the likes of Carters, Barkers and NRC, to name but a few of his original customers.

“My grandfather was both an inspirational part of my life and of Beehive. He will be sorely missed, but always remembered,” he adds in a poignant memorial on the company’s website.

At Beehive, the chairman is survived by his son Robert, who is the managing director, and grandson Mark, a director.

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