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Greening refrigeration

UK: SIRACH, the Institute of Refrigeration’s sustainable energy network, is organising a special event to coincide with Green Energy Week in October.

A half-day meeting in London on October 16 will bring together academics as well as business and government stakeholders to discuss how the cooling and heating industry can face tomorrow’s challenges.

Some speakers are still to be confirmed but the introduction will be performed by Prof David Elmes of the University of Warwick whose work focuses on how the structure of the global energy industry is changing, how new business models are finding success and how management practices are changing as a result.

Colleague Bob Critoph, professor at the Warwick University School of Engineering, will look at the role of SIRACH and i-STUTE in maximising impact through business-research collaboration.

Industry and end user speakers include Brian Churchyard and Phil Smith of ASDA Wal-Mart, Martin Fahey of Mitsubishi Electric and Lisa Pogson of Airmaster Air Conditioning.

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