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Hospitality sector offered ventilation guidance

UK: With UK pubs and restaurants poised to re-open tomorrow (July 4), trade association BEAMA reminds owners that ventilation is a key factor in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

The guidance, in the form of an infographic, stresses the need for effective ventilation alongside social distancing measures inside UK pubs and restaurants. It provides six key recommendations: optimal settings for mechanical ventilation systems, effective toilet ventilation, centralised systems, ventilation maintenance and ventilating without a mechanical system.

Based on guidance originally produced by the European ventilation body REHVA, the infographic is designed to provide easy-to-follow directions for the hospitality industry, many of which are small, independent businesses.

Commenting on the new guidance, BEAMA’s director of member services Colin Timmins, said: “We recognise the significant risk posed by Covid-19 indoors and the concerns many pubs and restaurants will have for their employees and customers as they open their doors for the first time since lockdown. This guidance seeks to alleviate those fears by providing clear and key recommendations for good ventilation to help minimise the risk of virus transmission.”

The infographic is available for download here.

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