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HRP sends F-gas man to the rescue

HRP-F-gas-manUK: Wholesaler HRP is sending its new F-Gasman character to the rescue of customers keen to remain legal within the new F-gas regulations.

With many contractors still confused by their obligations under the forthcoming F-gas regulation changes and still more unaware that without F-gas accreditation they will be unable to buy refrigerant after January 1, HRP has launched an information website and blog led by F-Gasman. 

The F-Gasman character will be prominent at trade counters to encourage engineers to register their details so as to facilitate the purchase of refrigerants.  HRP Group managing director, Mandy Pilgrim explains: “We are now required to check that purchasers of refrigerant have the necessary F-gas certification and are registered with Refcom or an equivalent body.  Together with our partners at BOC, we take our responsibilities under F-gas regulations very seriously and aim to help contractors keep to the letter of the law.”

HRP will be inviting all purchasers to visit and claim their free key fob which can carry the engineer’s name and registration number.

“There has been a degree of confusion about the implementation of the new regulations”, says Mandy, “so we have launched the F-Gasman website and blog to keep contractors up to date on how this develops.”

Information will be posted at by HRP engineers who will also answer questions from visitors. The site will also contain technical information from BOC and other industry bodies to give engineers a central source for all issues surrounding F-gas.

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