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Independent test proves Aircell savings

PR-IMG-Aircell-TestsUK: Independent tests are said to have proven the energy saving capabilities of Adande’s Aircell air flow management system.

Designed for open front multi-deck refrigerated retail display cabinets, the Aircell system is said to deliver significant energy savings and tighter operating temperatures compared with conventional refrigerated cases.

Refrigeration Developments & Testing Ltd (RD&T) conducted tests under BS EN ISO 23953 comparing the performance of a 2500mm open-front remote multi-deck cabinet with an identical model modified with the Aircell system.

Both cabinets were loaded in accordance with the test standard and run at an operating temperature of M2 (-1 to 7ºC) at an ambient climate class 3 (25ºC and 60% relative humidity).

After stable state running for 24 hours, the energy usage of each case was monitored over a further 24-hour cycle. Results for the baseline cabinet showed a refrigeration electrical energy consumption (REC) of 57.61kWh/24h, compared with a REC of 27.41kWh/24h for the cabinet modified with Aircell, representing an energy saving of over 50%. The tests also monitored the temperature of Tylose M packs loaded within the cabinets. The temperature of M packs in the baseline cabinet varied by 7.7ºC, whilst the temperature of the packs in the Aircell cabinet demonstrated a much tighter temperature control with a band of just 3.2ºC.

The RD&T data is said to bear out previous independent tests carried out by ECH Engineering Ltd, which established a REC of 48kWh/24h for the baseline cabinet, compared with a REC of 29.72kWh/24h for the Aircell model. In terms of operating temperature variation, ECH Engineering measured a range of pack temperatures of 9.5ºC in the baseline cabinet and a band of 3.1ºC in the Aircell cabinet.

“We believe that the results for the cabinet incorporating Aircell demonstrate the lowest energy consumption figures and the tightest temperature control seen on an open-front refrigerated multi-deck cabinet of this type,” commented Adande’s md Ian Wood.

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