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Install new and avoid R22 phase-out risks

Daikin-UK_Martin-PassinghamUK: Businesses that have failed to beat the European R22 phase-out deadline now face increased business risks, says one of the leading air conditioning suppliers.

With the January 1 R22 phase-out deadline almost upon us, Martin Passingham, Daikin UK’s product manager, urges affected businesses to opt for a new system installation as the most reliable long-term route.

Having allowed end users four years to switch over to non-HCFC substances, Daikin says the prohibition of HCFC refrigerants like R22 should not come as a surprise to anyone.

“The capital outlay for an overhaul may have struck some owners as prohibitive,” says Martin Passingham. “Others may not have been made sufficiently aware of the looming R22 ban by their installers. Either way, these organisations immediately need to expedite their planned system updates or initiate an appropriate course of action if they do not wish to risk not having an operational air conditioning system.”

“A system replacement clearly presents the most reliable solution to comply,” he maintains. “Whilst with some systems it is possible to move to the use of drop-in HFC refrigerant that is compatible with the system’s existing oil, such ‘retrofits’ are not a reliable option to bring plant up to scratch as they are likely to compromise system performance. Installers should therefore recommend replacement technology to hotels and retailers, for example, since their business success largely depends on the flawless operation of HVAC equipment and a balanced indoor climate.”

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