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McQuay offers free maintenance

McQuay - case studies -  Leadenhall London 20/01/14

UK: McQuayService is offering customers one year’s free maintenance on all scroll and screw chillers as part of its new customer care package.

Mechanical, refrigerant, electrical, unit and wear inspections are all part of the comprehensive maintenance customer care package. McQuayService makes three visits per year and all maintenance is carried out by a network of factory-trained service engineers.  On completion of each maintenance visit, a full log sheet will be produced detailing the work, along with any recommendations for each unit.

Barry Coe, national service manager for McQuayService, said: “Regular maintenance is vital for today’s high efficiency chillers – major components, such as compressors, electrical and controls components, condensers, evaporators and also the chillers operating characteristics all need to be inspected on a regular basis.

According to McQuay, identifying problems early avoids equipment damage and can reduce downtime by up to 40%.  It also maintains that research has shown that regular maintenance can reduce unexpected breakdowns by up to 75% and energy consumption by up to 30%.

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