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McQuay’s ATS chiller joins ETL list

ATS_2UK: McQuay’s ATS chiller, which is said to maximise performance at both part and full loads, has been included on the ETL list for Enhanced Capital Allowances. 

The ECA scheme gives enhanced tax relief for investments in equipment meeting these energy saving criteria. Under the scheme, 100% of the investment can be written off against taxable profit in the year the equipment is purchased.

McQuay products on the list include the full ranges of McQuay’s ATS XE and PR units.

James Henley, chiller manager at McQuay, said: “The ATS is now officially recognised by the Carbon Trust as one of the most efficient chillers on the market. We are committed to making a real investment in the design and development of our systems, which are cheaper to run and produce lower CO2 emissions. ECA approved products can achieve up to 18%more efficiency than non-approved products. We expect to be adding more ECA approved units over the next year that meet the new ECA criteria for energy efficiency dictated by ESEER.”

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