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Most R22 users not looking to replace

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UK: A recent survey suggests that 78% of end users with R22 air conditioning systems are not considering a replacement at this time.   

While it is now illegal to service equipment with either virgin or recycled R22 in Europe, a recent survey by Daikin UK revealed that many R22 systems remain, their owners waiting for the system to reach its end of life or breakdown before considering a replacement.

More than a third of the UK contractors surveyed said that 50% of their customers are still to convert their R22 systems to an alternative refrigerant.

The majority of installers also revealed that their biggest challenge is that 78% of customers are unwilling to change their ac system at this time.

While installers were split over whether energy efficiency or affordability were the main factors in choosing an alternative, safety was not an important consideration.

Although R32, one of the new replacements, is “mildly flammable”, Martin Passingham, product manager of DX at Daikin UK said, “One of the most important findings of the survey was that only 15% of respondents saw safety as an important consideration, and more than 75% think that R410A and R32 are the most popular alternatives.”

Martin Passingham revealed that Daikin UK was encouraging building owners and managers to seriously consider their R22 replacement options sooner rather than later. “As such, ac contractors should be ready to offer replacement options using more energy efficient systems,” he said.

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