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New company offers ac efficiency advice

UK: Chiller and air conditioning supplier Cool-Therm has launched a new company to specialise in the design and management of specialist low carbon, high efficiency air conditioning systems and energy audits.

Cool-Therm (Consultants) Ltd, headed by directors Alex Strong and Rob Young, will offer a nationwide service from the company’s four locations in Bristol, Cardiff, Reading and Wolverhampton.

Alex Strong said: “With sharp increases in energy prices, running costs for air conditioning are now a major issue. Clients want to ensure that new and existing systems operate as efficiently as possible, to minimise the cost of ownership over the lifetime of plant.”

The company will also offer F-gas compliance support for end users and facility management companies, plus air conditioning and chiller service and maintenance project management.

“The focus will be solving challenging applied air conditioning design and management issues, harnessing our considerable experience in a wide range of technologies – including advanced heat pumps, VRV/VRF systems and high efficiency chiller-based solutions,” said Rob Young.

The company will specialise in tailored improvement and retrofit schemes for both DX air conditioning and chilled water systems, for industrial process applications, data centres and commercial buildings.

It will also provide comprehensive TM44 energy audits on existing systems, to highlight where cost-effective savings can be made, and offer carbon footprint assessments and refrigerant management, F-gas and F-gas phase-down support.

Cool-Therm was one of the first companies in the world to apply ground-breaking compact centrifugal compressor technology in chiller applications, working with the latest low GWP HFO refrigerants.

The new company says it will build on the extensive experience gained over the past 12 years of introducing ground breaking low carbon technologies, applied in a wide range of building types and process cooling applications.

Alex Strong says: “The key to minimising energy use and optimising plant performance is to take a whole building and whole system approach, rather than focussing on individual items of plant. Load shedding and intelligent management of chilled water flows and temperatures can deliver huge reductions in energy use.”

Rob Young added: “The new company will build on our vast experience in this area. Cool-Therm Consultants will act as a centre of expertise for end users, facilities management companies and building services consultants keen to harness this knowledge to create outstandingly efficient air conditioning systems.”

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