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New energy benchmarking for cold stores

UK: The Cold Chain Federation has produced new energy benchmarks for UK cold stores, along with a tool to help businesses compare their energy usage against similar UK facilities.

The new tool for businesses who are signed up to the voluntary cold storage Climate Change Agreement (CCA) scheme also indicates the financial and carbon savings that businesses could secure through further energy efficiency improvements at their cold storage sites.

The Cold Chain Federation insists that the benchmarks and new tool meet an industry need for up-to-date, UK-specific, robust information on cold storage energy usage, using the annual energy reported to the Cold Chain Federation from nearly 450 cold stores across the UK.

“Our industry is making strong progress on improving the energy efficiency of cold stores, but there is plenty of scope for further carbon reduction and significant cost savings,” said Cold Chain Federation executive director Tom Southall. 

“Knowing how a site compares to the benchmark for similar facilities can give cold storage operators a stronger understanding of that site’s performance and progress, as well as a better sense of how much potential there is to improve energy efficiency further.”

Further information on the benchmarking project here

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