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Star opens doors to witness chiller tests

azanechillerUK: Star Refrigeration is opening its factory doors to refrigeration end-users wishing to witness the first run tests on its latest air-cooled ammonia chiller.

The company’s first Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC) compliant ammonia air cooled chiller, Azanechiller 2.0, is being run-tested on June 8 at the company’s manufacturing facilities at Westway, Renfrew.

The unit is said to set a new benchmark in chiller performance with efficiency figures that are 71% higher than the European Ecodesign Directive requirement. It boasts a SEER as high as 6.09 for comfort cooling applications and a SEPR of up to 8.01 for process cooling, the system delivers immediate reductions on energy costs for end-users.

Azanechiller 2.0 incorporates a number of enhancements including improved efficiency, reduced refrigerant charge, and a smaller footprint. With seven units currently in production, the first ever complete Azanechiller 2.0 model AA415MT-2 will be going through factory testing later this month.

“By opening up our doors to allow customers to see the new system and witness the chillers in operation firsthand, we aim to demonstrate the benefits of investing in technology that provides first-rate efficiency,” explained Star Refrigeration’s process sales director Alan Walkinshaw.

“The Azanechiller has been a very successful product for Star in the chiller market. However, we recognise the need for continuous update of our range of products to make them more efficient, compact, lighter and more competitive.”

“In addition, the changes to F-gas regulations and the implementation of the Ecodesign directive has led us to invest in the development of improved ammonia chiller technology that is future proof, long-lasting and able to achieve refrigerant volumes of as little as 0.18kg/kW.”

Alan Walkinshaw will be on-hand on the day to answer any questions visitors may have and talk them through the projects.

The facility is able to accommodate up to 100 visitors throughout the day. To book a place to attend the free event, register here by selecting one of the time slots available in the online calendar.

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