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Star Refrigeration celebrates 50 years

UK: Glasgow-based Star Refrigeration has published a history of the company to mark its 50th anniversary on October 12.

Authored by group MD Dr Andy Pearson, ‘Per Ardua’ – The Story of Star Refrigeration 1970-2020, charts a story of industrial refrigeration engineering and technological innovation.

The book profiles the company’s key innovations and the story behind each invention. From the birth of the first four-way valve, to the first “free cooling” system – the Thermosyphon – through to the first use of carbon dioxide in a freeze drying application and the world’s first and largest zero carbon 90°C ammonia district heat pump, Star Refrigeration has consistently pioneered new technologies for its customers.

Refrigeration packages leaving the Star Factory in 1971

“Star Refrigeration has been a pioneer throughout its history, pushing the boundaries of refrigeration and heating engineering technology. I hope that the untold story of our first fifty years will capture the imagination of our stakeholders and get them excited for the future,” said Pearson.

Star was established in 1970 when three engineers – Dr Stephen Forbes Pearson, Anthony Brown, and Robert Campbell – pooled their redundancy money, recruited skilled engineers and started operations from Dr Pearson’s home. Fast forward five decades, and the company now employs more than 300 staff across 10 locations in the UK, together with a number of agents and subsidiaries around the world.

A testament to Star’s investment in its employees, many of the engineers from the ‘early days’ remained with Star until retirement, and some are still in active duty today. 

Star says it is now looking forward to the next fifty years of delivering cutting edge cooling to both leisure and essential industries, helping the industry as a whole to move towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and continuing its renowned levels of service for all of its highly valued customers.

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