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Toshiba bases warranty on installer skills

Toshiba's-Warranty-BandsUK: Toshiba is changing the duration of its air conditioning warranties in the UK to a scheme based on installer competence.

While the length of manufacturers’ warranties have traditionally been dependent upon how much a customer spends, Toshiba’s new scheme will offer a warranty of up to seven years for the most competent installers.   

Describing traditional schemes as unhelpful and illogical, David Dunn, Toshiba Air Conditioning’s director and general manager, said: “In practical terms what matters for warranty purposes is the technical proficiency of the installer, and how competent they are in carrying out installation, commissioning and on-going servicing of the equipment.”

The new Toshiba scheme is said to recognise this, giving weight to the level of technical training and competence of installers and translating this into a commensurate level of warranty cover.

Three tiers

The three new warranty bands relate to three tiers of Toshiba installer: T7 Enhanced Warranty Partners, T7 Approved Warranty Partners, and T5 Registered Installers.

To achieve the seven year enhanced warranty installers must be F-gas registered, have successfully completed three relevant Toshiba training courses, and file commissioning and maintenance reports for a project online.

The standard seven year cover requires installers to be F-gas registered and have completed three relevant Toshiba training courses. F-gas registered contractors who have not undertaken three Toshiba training courses will receive standard five year warranty cover.

Toshiba insists that each is able to offer customers the relevant level of warranty cover for equipment installed by them.

Toshiba-training-centre“Our aim is to incentivise installers to raise their game by taking advantage of Toshiba’s training programme to improve their knowledge and skills,” said David Dunn.

Courses are available in all aspects of installing, commissioning and servicing equipment, including system design. The company is currently extending its network of training centres into the South West to complete nationwide coverage.

David Dunn added: “Improving skill levels is a key strategic issue for the industry. As a leading manufacturer we are committed to playing our part to help achieve this. It is obviously in our interests as a manufacturer to raise the level of technical proficiency among contractors, but also opens up new opportunities for installers while delivering major benefits to end users. The new Toshiba scheme will hopefully stimulate progress in this area and raise the bar for the industry as a whole, to the benefit of all.”

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