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A-Gas takes refrigerant service offshore

EUROPE: A-Gas is unveiling its refrigerant and halons lifecycle management service for oil installations and rigs at next month’s Offshore Europe 2017 exhibition in Aberdeen.

The Rapid Recovery service will allow operators to recover regulated gases from offshore installations quickly and efficiently and in accordance with the new regulations. A-Gas will then, where possible, remove contaminants from the substances to allow them to be recycled and returned to the market for resale.

A-Gas business development manager Martin O’Donnell said: “Through our Rapid Recovery service we are able to recover regulated gases from oil installations safely during the life or the decommissioning of a platform. We recover gases, clean them up, or if they are unsuitable for re-use, dispose of them safely.

“Once contaminants have been removed from halons – used in fire suppression systems at sea – and other regulated ODS gases employed in the running of a platform, they can be recycled and employed again in a wide range of critical use industries including the offshore, maritime and aviation sectors. We believe that recycling and adopting a holistic approach to gas use is the only way forward for the offshore industry.”

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