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AAF buys German IAQ services firm

GERMANY: AAF Lufttechnik, the German subsidiary of filter company AAF, has acquired RIS Facility Management GmbH, a leading provider of IAQ services in Germany.

RIS is headquartered in Eppingen, Germany, and provides HVAC inspections, process technology, repairs and maintenance to a wide range of industries, for both supply and exhaust air. The family-owned company has around 100 employees.

“Since 2006, RIS has successfully built up their business from zero to now serving the biggest brands in the automotive industry. With this new partnership we are now looking forward to further expand this great track record,” said AAF International’s CEO Philip Whitaker.

“This acquisition will immediately help us to meet our customers’ demand for value-added air filtration solutions in Germany,” said Stefan Berbner, AAF International’s chief operating officer in Europe. “In addition, we are now strategically positioned to expand our idea of a true one-stop-shop across all of Europe.”

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