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Air conditioning demand up 5.9% in 2013

18507228_lJAPAN: World demand for air conditioners was 95.9 million units last year, a 5.9% increase on 2012.

The estimated figures released by the Japanese Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association place China as the biggest market in the world. It’s 35.6 million units, an increase of 8.8% on 2012, represents 37.2% of the total market.

The North American market was second with 14 million units, a 4.1% increase. In third place, the Asian market, excluding Japan and China, accounted for 13.8 million units, a 5.5% increase. Japan’s market increased by 5.9% to 9.82 million units  and Central and South America saw its market rise by 9.7% to 8.05 million units. Europe saw the market drop 3.8% to 6.69 million units.

Demand for residential air conditioners continued to lead the way, with sales estimated to be 6.3% up compared to 2012 at 82.9 million units. Chinese demand outpaced everyone else, increasing by 9.1% to 33.5 million units.

Demand for packaged air conditioners grew 3.7% to 12.9 million units. Largest market was North America, where sales increased 3.5% to 6.2 million units.

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