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Arneg buys Italian contractor Frigo Tecnica

The Frigo Tecnica facility in Ascoli Piceno

ITALY: Arneg, the Padua-based commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer, has acquired Italian industrial refrigeration contractor Frigo Tecnica Internazionale.

Established in 1981 and based in Ascoli Piceno, Frigo Tecnica designs, produces and installs integrated systems for the agro-industry and refrigerated logistics sector. Initially focused on the production of refrigeration systems for the naval sector, the company’s mission has always been to provide technical innovations that lead to sustainable solutions. Today, the company’s business has expanded to include logistics, soil freezing and, above all, food processing.

In a statement announcing the deal, Arneg insisted that Frigo Tecnica would retain its own identity. 

“The most significant advantage for both parties will be the possibility of combining the knowledge, skills and experience of the highly qualified personnel of the two companies, in order to exploit this precious diversity to generate new stimuli and ideas for growth,” the statement said.

“This and many other specificities of the new partner are an opportunity for Arneg to significantly integrate its product offering, creating additional business opportunities in the industrial refrigeration sector. Frigo Tecnica will benefit from this partnership through access to new technologies, a broader customer base and the benefit generated by economies of scale. The global presence of the Arneg Group will support and at the same time take advantage of this new synergy to achieve new goals.”

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