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Arneg donates €500k as production restarts

ITALY: Commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer Arneg has donated €500,000 to its local hospital as production at the Padua-based company gradually restarts.

Despite the importance of its products to the food supply chain, Arneg chose to halt production on March 26 when the closure of all production activities deemed “non-essential” was enforced.

Arneg says it chose to prioritise the health of its 700 employee workforce, customers, suppliers and stakeholders, in keeping with its founding values, which have always put people first.

Since April 14 and the approach of “phase 2”, Arneg’s production activities are being gradually restarted. 

“All those returning to work do so on a voluntary basis,” said HR manager Armando De Crescenzo. “Wherever possible, our office staff are continuing to work from home and all relevant safety measures are being respected for those coming into work.” 

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