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ASHRAE and IoR sign new MoU

ASHRAE president Tim Wentz (left) and IoR president Steve Gill with the signed agreements

USA/UK: ASHRAE and the UK’s Institute of Refrigeration (IoR) have formed a closer relationship after the recent signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

While the two organisations have had links for more than a 100 years, the new MoU outlines how the two groups will work together more closely and with more defined parameters to continue furthering and promoting the advancements of cooling and heating related technologies. These include research, joint conferences and meetings, training and education programmes, publication distribution and chapter collaboration.

The MoU was signed by ASHRAE president Tim Wentz and IoR president Steve Gill as part of the CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium 2017 at Loughborough University on April 6.

“Strengthening our relationship with IoR is a natural and obvious decision,” said Tim Wentz. “Both organisations are committed to harnessing and adapting new technologies and research to create a future where the built environment is healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient. The strides our organisations are making to produce a more sustainable world are exciting, and both ASHRAE and IoR are well poised to support each other’s objectives immediately and moving into the future. We are pleased to formalise our relationship with this MoU and look forward to continuing a long association with IoR.”

As part of the agreement, ASHRAE and the IoR will explore ways to make technical information more accessible to both memberships. The MoU additionally places special focus on continuing to build and strengthen the organisations’ global networks. As ASHRAE and IoR continue growing their memberships internationally, the possibility of joint events would benefit both groups. Co-hosting a conference or meeting would directly support global collaboration that could help further the impact ASHRAE and IoR have on the industries they serve.

The IoR’s president Steve Gill sees the signing of the new MoU as underpinning future collaborative work for both organisations. “ASHRAE and IoR already share much of common interest in that both organisations represent a network of dedicated individuals who have a strong commitment to the advancement of our industry.”

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