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ASHRAE offers VRF design course

32611289_sUSA: An increasing US interest in VRF air conditioning technology has prompted ASHRAE to offer an online course on the technology’s design and application.

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems are now being applied in a range of building types across North America where ducted systems have previously been dominant.

ASHRAE has recognised the benefits of VRF which it lists as zoning applications, variable capacity, distributed control, low operating sound, simultaneous heating and cooling, effective energy usage, quick installation, low ambient operation and low maintenance costs.

The new course, Variable Refrigerant Flow System Design & Application, will  take place on May 16. It will cover non-manufacturer specific concepts of how to apply VRF systems to buildings.

The VRF course is one of 11 online professional development seminars offered by ASHRAE.

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