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22318849_sUSA: Refrigerators and air conditioners are in the top 10 most essential appliances according to a new list on the US website HowStuffWorks.

On top of Christmas present lists, food shopping lists, now is the time when every website, magazine creates its own lists. This year the HowStuffWorks has created its own list of appliances of what the average (American) person could not live without.

While not necessarily in any order of importance the list includes the air conditioner at no 8 and the refrigerator at no 3, althoug  we must forgive the authors for the typo in naming the “father of modern refrigeration” as Carl von Linden.

The full list:

1. Clock

2. Toilet

3. Refrigerator

4. Washing machine

5. Telephone

6. Recorded sound

7. Television

8. Air conditioning

9. Microwave oven

10. Computer

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