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Brazeway to fight cheap aluminium imports

21135398_sUSA: Michigan-based heat exchanger manufacturer Brazeway has joined US efforts to combat cheap imports of Chinese aluminium.

The company has joined the China Trade Task Force Coalition, a group formed by US aluminium smelters to combat what they claim is illegal Chinese subsidies.

Brazeway produces frost-free evaporators for household refrigeration and is a leading manufacturer of extruded aluminium tubing and heat transfer components for the HVAC, appliance and automotive industries.

“China’s illegal trade practices have damaged American manufacturers for years. We are proud to join this team to protect the domestic aluminium market and to ensure that tens of thousands of people throughout the supply chain can stay on the job,” said Stephanie Boyse, president and CEO.

“Additionally, we are equally concerned about assuring uninterrupted supply for our US customers who are major OEM’s within the HVAC, automotive and appliance industries,” he added.

The China Trade Task Force claims that the US aluminium market directly creates over 10,600 American jobs, indirectly supports tens of thousands more jobs and contributes over $6bn in US economic output each year.

The group says illegal Chinese subsidies — such as direct grants, interest free loans, transfers of low-cost state-owned land, and preferential regulatory treatment — have collapsed the global price of aluminium. The fall in prices has forced aluminium smelters across the United States to close.

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