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Carel iJ wins European Product Design Award

ITALY: Carel’s iJ electronic refrigeration controller has been recognised in this year’s European Product Design Awards.

Introduced last year, the iJ was a winner in Catering Products/Restaurant & Kitchen Supplies category of the awards, which are to designed recognise the efforts of talented international product designers.

Industrial design manager Paolo Marafin and his design team of Alberto Crivellaro, Chiara Milani completely revamped the standard refrigeration controller to create the iJ, a frameless range offering new levels of customisation and connectivity.

Launched at Euroshop in 2020, iJ can be connected via NFC, BT, embedded WiFi or 2G gateways to enable IOT services, even on these entry-level controllers. The design allows the product to be completely aesthetically integrated into the final unit. The colour of the faceplate can be changed with custom material graphics to suit the merchandiser’s brand.

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