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Carel resumes production in Italy

Francesco Nalini: “We’re now starting to look at the coming months”

ITALY: Controls and humidfication company Carel has resumed a “significant part” of its production activities at its plant in Brugine, Padova. 

The factory has been closed since March 26, but Carel has been able to partially mitigate the effects of the Italian lockdown by operating its plants in the US, Brazil, Germany, Croatia and China at full capacity. Production capacity at the plants in Croatia and China has also recently been increased to further compensate, as far as possible, for the deficit in production in Italy.

“We’re now starting to look at the coming months, during which we will be focused on understanding the future scenarios in a world that for some time may be quite different, but in which air conditioning, refrigeration and humidification will play an even more important role in safeguarding people’s health,” commented Carel Group CEO Francesco Nalini.

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